Who we are… 

Atcorp Group was founded with the purpose of delivering the most efficient of service while maintaining quality assurance and a close, flexible work structure to accommodate the client’s needs and budgetary consideration.At Atcorp Group, we scale by consolidating all our design and consulting services we provide to our clients through our interdisciplinary professional subsidiaries, staffs, technical alliances and foreign partners. Our services are influenced by an appreciation of traditional and historical models integrated into contemporary culture and the latest building technology.

At Atcorp Group, we strive to play a catalytic role in the project’s planning stages. All active projects are reviewed at weekly design staff meetings, thus allowing for a more thorough implementation of custom solution on every project we work on. 

What we do…

Atcorp has involved in projects as diverse as individual residential developments, office buildings and corporate interiors, restaurants and shopping mall and master plan for institutional projects. This variety of projects provides for a challenging and dynamic design environment. As a result of this diversity, our firm is capable of assuming a leadership role in most project developments. Atcorp offers a wide variety of professional services for the construction industry.

Our Goal...

It is our goal to bring architectural, urban and space planning together into a mutually reinforcing relationship for the benefit of our clients and the quality of life of the community.

Our Subsidiaries

Our subsidiaries are innovative hubs where teamwork and creative comes to play. At Atcorp Group we focus on creating a distinctive value that seperates us from the crowd using our various units which includes:- 

  • Atcorp Properties Limited
  • Atcorp Associates Limited
  • Atcorp Union Ventures Limited
  • Atcorp Consults Limited

These firms are our drivers of change and maximum customer/client satisfaction. 

About Us

Atcorp's greatest strength lies in its provision of design services. The management of these services is crucial to the success of the building and the satisfaction of the client on service delivery.


Contact Us

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